Personnel Officer is heading the Personnel department. HRD activities are carried out for the benefit of the employees.

  • Apart from HRD activities like maintenance of service registers of regular employees, Annual increments of regular and part time basis employees.
  • Conducting health checkup camps periodically
  • Identifies and arranging training programmes for union employees in association with union functional Heads
  • To organize the retirement functions of the regular employees.
  • Handle grievances of employees.
  • Liasion with various Govt. Dept.
  • Maintenance of Bio-metric system i.e., providing various reports required by the management.
  • Consolidation monthly attendance dept wise, facilitates the data for F&A through Bio-matrix system for payroll.
  • To provide In-plant trainings for technical students
  • To arrange plant visits to schools, colleges and others.


Purchase division is looked after by a committee headed by Manager (Purchase). And Manager(Store) is heading the stores division. Purchase and stores are related to our dairy and all other units(MCC) & FMPs of Krishna milk union. Presently using ERP Package (easiPro) for informative and maintaining transparency.


General Manager( F & A) is heading the Finance division, who is assisted by four Asst. Managers(Accounts) and supporting staff.


General Manager (MIS) is looking after the activities of MIS section.

To provide analytical information Daily, weekly, F.N, Monthly and Annually to all the concern departments. In addition to MIS section shall also provide the information to Management to facilitate proper policy decisions.

Internet based Dairy Information System (IDIS) :

We are providing information on to National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) Snap Data every month pertaining to Procurement, Sales and Stocks of Ghee, Butter, SMP etc. Apart from that we are also providing information on Monthly and Quarterly on various information on No. of members, Pourer members, Women Members, Procurement, Sales, Cattle Feed Production, Raw material cost etc. to NDDB.

Dairy Geographical Information System (DGIS) :

Dairy Geographical Information System (DGIS) map on village, milk route, mandal, Chilling Centre etc. of the Krishna District development and supplied by NDDB has been electronically stored and the project under implementation stage. After its successful completion any information of village, mandal, chilling centre etc. of the district can be accessed through internet by sitting at any corner.

Purchase of Commodities and Milk :

MIS is also handling the Purchase activities of Skim Milk Powder (SMP) and Butter and Milk from other dairies/cooperatives/private parties.

MIS is providing support in software, hardware and networking related issues to all the departments through third party agencies.

Krishna Milk Union has been awarded Rational Balancing Programme (RBP), Fodder Development (FD) and Village Based Milk Procurement System (VBMPS) from NDDB under NDP-I and implemented these three schemes in the villages of Krishna district.


Welfare officer is heading the Welfare and IR & Legal section. It is looking after the service / administrative matter of the staff of this Union besides implementation of the following Acts for their welfare.

Industrial Dispute Act 1947 Payment of wages Act 1936 Minimum Wage Act 1948 Equal Remuneration Act Gratuity 1972
Factories Act 1948
Workmen compensation Act ESI Act 1948
EPF Act 1952
Maternity Act 1961
Child Labor Act 1986 Standing Order Act 1946 Trade Union Act 1926
And other labour laws.
All legal activities of the organization.
All I.R issues of the organization.
As per factories Act 1948 Rule 76B duties mentioned in the Act.