Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

" Dairying in the district to be the major instrument of strengthening Rural Economy and making available safe milk and milk products. "

Our Mission

" Farmers' Prosperity through technical innovations and Customer orientation with specific focus on quality and cost. "



  • First powder plant established in South India.
  • First Farmers' Cooperative to obtain both ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certification in South India
  • Largest democratic functionary in the district serving the farming community
  • Having more than Rs.1000 crores grass root level production base
  • Highest purchase price offering dairy in A.P. and second in the country
  • Providing direct and indirect employment to more than 3,00,000 people.
  • First dairy which has introduced more than five varieties of liquid milk.
  • First dairy to introduce sterilised cream in tetra brik pack
  • First dairy to introduce Liquid Ice Cream (dessert magic) in tetra brik pack
  • First dairy cooperative to introduce Curd in cups in South India
  • First dairy to introduce Basundi in cups and Milk Cake.
  • First dairy to introduce Butter Milk and Lassi in tetra brik packs
  • Annual turnover more than Rs.595 Crores (2016-17) with a continuous growth rate.
  • Member producers base of more than 1,15,000 families (F.Y.2016-17)
  • Having network through five chilling centres and Direct Routes covering 1200 villages through 120 milk procurement routes. Two feed mixing plants with a capacity of 66 MTs. to supply quality livestock feed
  • Having strong consumer base of more than 21,00,000 consumers
  • Distribution network with 69 milk distribution routes
  • Achieved highest milk handling level of 3.25 lakh litres against the installed handling capacity of 2.50 lakh ltrs./day.
  • Functioning under MACS Act, with more empowerment to the producers
  • Democratic set up with least government interference; by the people, for the people in all ways and always
  • Operates on " give more and take less" policy with more emphasis on farmers benefit, their empowerment with specific focus on women and land less (resource) poor families.
  • Marching ahead with the pride of achieving economic independence and empowerment to tens of millions of farm families in the district.
  • State of art manufacturing facilities with international product quality
  • QUALITY POLICY : we aim to be a technologically advance dairy with global outlook providing products & service of highest quality delighting the customers.