Visit of Oie PVS Evaluation Team of World Animal Health Organisation to Krishna milk union on 28-02-2018.

The Oie PVS Evaluation Team deputed by “World Animal Health Organisation(WAHO) visited KMU on 28-02-2018 to evaluate the veterinary services provided and food safety measures followed in the organization

The Animal Husbandry (AH) Dept has particularly selected KMU for this evaluation and followed the team members.

Dr John weaver

Dr John Woodford

Dr Caitlin Holley

On their arrival, all the activities of KMU were presented by PPT. Then the team visited one of the 10 Emergency Mobile Veterinary Clinics (EMVC) of KMU with enthusiasm and interest. They have even entered the Mobile clinical van and examined the range of Medicines, A.I container and equipment made available in the vehicle. They were very much satisfied with the EMVC services.


Then they visited the Quality Control Lab and examined the “Milk Scanner” in which 13 adulterants and routine milk components scanned and displayed in just 30 seconds. They have appreciated the way the milk is examined and rejected of necessary on the basis of quality control standards.


They have also visited the Antibiotic Residue Test kits where the milk samples are examined for the presence of ABT Residues.


Then they visited the ethno veterinary medicine treatment demo for mastitis at Kisan Mela conveyed at NTR Veterinary College, Gannavaram. They were very much impressed about the work done with regards to MCPP introduced by NDDB, (CMT/EVM/ABT Residue tests etc..,) in the KMU.


Later on the team visited K.V.Kandrika village and visited the facilities provided i.e., Automatic Computerized Milk Collection Unit etc., at the milk collection centre. The centre is collecting 1500 Ltrs/Day on average.


Then they visited the dairy farm (Consisting of 40 milch animals) of a progressive farmer shri D.Rama koti Reddy, who is supplying 180 Ltrs/Day on an average. They were impressed to see the cleanliness in the farm and the chaff cutter supplied by KMU on 50% subsidy. Then they left the village with a sense of satisfaction about the activities of KMU & NDDB