A producer co-operative , which is fully owned, controlled and managed by producers’ themselves had a unique achievement in its business by touching a mile stone of highest liquid milk sales of 3,38,441.5 ltr in a single day on 4th August 2017. This historical  achievement is solely attributed to the dedication and commitment of the Chairman, Board of Directors of the Krishna District milk Producers’ Mutually Aided Co-operative Union Ltd and the officer and staff. Further the union is committed to serve the consumers of various segment with quality and affordable product always with an value base approach to ensure the consumer delight forever to prefer the VIJAYA milk & milk products as the daily choice.


It is over privilege to extend our sincere thanks to every consumer and milk producer for their participation in augment the co-operative milk union, which is striving with all its endowers for the socio economic upliftment of rural milk producers.


We hope the similar support and co-operation is extended by every one for the cause of rural milk producers in future too.


Best wishes for the future and endowers.


Management of Krishna Milk Union.