Milk Procurement and Inputs

Milk Procurement and Inputs

General Manager (P & I) is heading the Procurement and Inputs operations supported by the Managers of Chilling Centres, Managers of Feed Mixing Plants, Fodder Development officers and Veterinary Officers.

Union collects milk twice a day about 2.40 lakh Lts/Day covering about 900 villages organized through 120 Milk routes. Union has five chilling centres, each operating at Pamarru, Gudlavalleru, Hanuman Junction, Chillakallu, Tiruvuru and Direct Routes with combined chilling capacity of 2.05 lakh Its. per day. It has two Feed Mixing Plants each located at Buddavaram with a total manufacturing capacity of 48 M.T.s per day and Gudlavalleru manufacturing capacity of 18 M.T.s per day. The procurement from West Godavari District is presently done through the BMCU centers located at Nallagerla,Tadepalli gudem,Janampeta,Pothavaram and Rangapuram.


  • Procuring all the surplus milk by the producers round the year based on quality.
  • Free supply of testing chemicals to the DCS.
  • Providing technical support and training facilities to producers and field staff.
  • Price Difference distribution. The DCS are distributing bonus and incentives to the producers out of the profits earned every year and this helps the farmers to get lump-sum amount at a time to support their family.


  • Providing Artificial Insemination services through the Mobile A.I centers maintained by the union.
  • Providing high pedigree Frozen semen procured from A.D. Department.
  • Breeding policy adopted:-
  • Upgrading the local non-descriptive buffaloes by using Murrah bulls / semen
  • Cross breeding of local White Cattle by using HF and Jersey semen
  • Development of Ongole breed by using pedigree Ongole bull semen


  • Supply of special quality and ordinary categories of premixed cattle feed from the union owned plants at cost-to-cost basis.
  • Supply of hybrid varities of fodder seed at cost.
  • Supply of Quality Mineral Mixture on the name of VIJAYA MIN regularly.
  • Supplying fodder slips on free of cost.
  • Production of S.S.G 898 seed by the farmers, This seed Procured will be process & buys back, process them and distributes the quality seed for fodder purpose to the farmers.


  • Maintaining Nine mobile veterinary vehicles for treating milk producers animals on fixed dates and for the treatment emergency calls on nominal cost basis.
  • Supplying vaccines for preventing H.S and FMD diseases on subsidized cost.
  • Supplying deworming drugs for calves and adultcattle.
  • Arranging Vety. First Aid training to the DCS staff.
  • Providing Vety. First Aid services through VFA centers maintained by the union.
  • Conducting mastitis control programme.
  • Organizing health camps and fertility camps.
  • Organizing training camps to Milk Producers, on Scientific Management.


  • Providing insurance coverage for milch animals, milk producer, spouse (accidental) and cattle shed under Gopala Rakasha Scheme.
  • Publishing of Krishna Ksheeravani, a monthly news bulletin in Telugu for the enlightenment of Milk Producers on free of cost.
  • Providing training camps for farmers on clean milk production and management of milch animals.
  • Arranging study tours to farmers especially women milk producers.
  • Implementing Ration Balancing Program (RBP) under national dairy plan - 1 for milk producers of krishna district.


The prestigious innovative dream project of the poor dairy farmers of Krishna milk union, which aims at treating the animals in emergencies at the doorstep of the farmers round the clock, was started on 01-07-2009.

Philanthropic Donors listed below came towards to donate the vehicles for this noble cause.

S.No Donor Date No. of Vehicles
1. Mandava Charitable Trust 01-07-2009 1
2. Loins Club 01-07-2009 2
3. Lingamaneni Estates 01-07-2009 1
4. Lanco Foundation 02-05-2010 1
5. Rotary international 02-04-2011 1
6. Maganti Foundation 02-09-2011 1
7. Karvey consultation(M.Rushya Rao) 02-09-2011 1
8. Krishna Milk Union 01-07-2011 2
    TOTAL 10

7 Vehicles were allotted for Emergency services, 2 vehicles were allotted for Cattle Development work and one vehicle is kept as reserve to be used in place of breakdown of any vehicle. Each vehicle is provided with 2 doctors,2 para veterinarians and one driver. They will be attending the emergency cases on phone calls from the societies.

The work turned out particulars are given below.

PARTICULARS 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 TOTAL
No. of village visits 6670 13233 15234 13850 12546 11929 10986 10632 95080
Kms. Travelled 189289 349469 416326 386519 332908 367230 325654 311644 2679030
No. of general case & infertility cases treated 57327 98887 111411 105050 99923 107106 113546 112014 805264
Emergency cases treated 5317 12390 17005 14569 12018 10876 10290 10563 93028
preventive vaccinations conducted   161773 102040 32400 70500 21800 22150 23200 433863
No. of Deworming cases   98610 135000 66695 100814 112011 85932 86834 685896
No. of Animals covered under insurance   23773 15090 16143 18614 18001 16458 16574 124653