Production Manager is heading the Production Division supported by One Dairy Manager, 11 Asst. Dairy managers and 1 Junior Engineer other production staff engaged in milk reception , milk processing , Butter making , Ghee making , Powder making, Bi-products manufacturing and Finished Goods section.

Production operations begin with milk reception at the dairy dock and continued round the clock in three shifts.


As soon as the milk is arrived at the reception dock either through cans or tankers, the laboratory authorities conduct all the platform/ Bacteriological / Chemical tests and after its quality confirmation the milk is received and sent to silos for storage.


Milk products Factory, Vijayawada is directly connected by around 175 villages at a radius of around 50 Kms. around Vijayawada. The milk collected from these villages is collected directly at Milk Products Factory, Vijayawada for which it is equipped with a can conveyor, an electrical weighing machine, a dump tank and a Straight Through Can Washer with cleaning capacity of 600 cans per hr.


Chilled milk from chilling centres and other stations through milk tankers is received at the dock and after receiving quality confirmation from laboratory the milk is sent for storage.


It has 12 storage tanks each of 15,000 Lts. capacity, six silos each of 30,000 Lts. Capacity and 2 No.s of 50,000 Lts capacity , three cream vats each of 5000 Lts., 2No.s of 3000 Ltrs and one 15,000 Ltrs of capacity. It is equipped with one milk pasteuriser of 20,000 Lts./hr Capacity and three numbers of 10,000 Its./ hr. capacity . It also has a cream pasteuriser with a capacity of 5000 Lts/ hour. Altogether, it has milk storage capacity of four lakh and eighty thousand ltrs.


Separation of required quantity of whole milk to the extent of demand and with admixture of Whole It is also equipped with a Ghee tin filling-cum-sealing machine with a capacity of 5 tins/ min. of 15 Ltrs . The ghee packed in 500 ml., 200 ml., 100 ml. sachets and also 50 gms of cow ghee bottles are marketed throughout the district and it has very good demand.


All the fresh milk products like Butter Milk, Sweet lassi, Sterilized Flavoured Milk, Curd, Unsweet Khova, Panner, Milk Cake , Kharjura khova , Malailaddu, Doodh peda, Butter Burfi and Chocolate Burfi are manufactured and packed under strict hygienic and aseptic conditions in this section. One Automatic Curd Bucket filling machine was installed.


The Valcun Lavel multiple effect gravity flow milk evaporator plant with milk drying capacity of 14 M.Ts per day are under operation. Fine and superior quality ISI grade SMP is packed in 25 Kg and 1 Kg packs. One Automatic controlling system for Air heater was installed.


It has a capacity to pack 3,00,000 Lts of various varieties of milk per day. It is equipped with ten sachet packing machines each capacity is 180 tubs per hours. Five varieties of milk in 1/2 Lt sachets for direct consumers and in 40 It. cans for institutions are being packed. One High speed milk sachets filling machine is in proposal.